Dance Clothing that brings out YOUR Inner Dancer

A year ago I discovered NIA dance and I fell in love with dancing, with myself, and with my world. Now I am healthier and happier than I have ever been in my life. I wish every woman over 40 would get off their computers, get up and dance and remember who they really are. There is such joy in moving the body freely in the accepting community of a dance class.

But I needed clothes! Workout wear, mostly black, didn’t do it for me. Nor did the tight spandex from the official store. I looked around the room sometimes and we all looked like crows on a fence. I wanted clothes that fit right, looked good and were so comfortable I could forget about them completely when I dance. Clothing that moves and swirls and circles when I do. Clothing that has color. Also clothing that was designed to suit women over 40.

So I started making flowing pants in colors and prints for myself.
Then members of the group asked me to make them some and now, here I am with a dance-clothing website!

Mostly I’m designing for the women over 40 who take up dance.
I found that if I was wearing flowing clothing that moves as I do then I danced better and got deeper into my inner dancer. I also like things simple. I think the fewer seams the better in clothing that you move in. Dance clothing has to withstand a tough workout.

Here is a video of Jule Aguirre dancing in my pants.

New Items!

Zebra pants anyone?
Check the pants page
for more.

satin-swirls-front black-and-white-joker black-and-white-swirls

Latest Blog Post

Adding size medium to the skinny pants!

I haven’t been doing much sewing lately. I’ve been too busy on other things. But several people have asked me about making the skinny pants in size medium so I finally got around to doing it for me. I will add it to the site asap.
Also you can get any of the fabric patterns in either the skinny or the regular palazzo style.
I am almost done with my training in Access Consciousness now so I am starting to sew again. I start to sew some new pants for myself and all of a sudden people want pants again. I really do believe that we are all totally in control of our own lives. A question to ask yourself when things aren’t going well is, An Infinite Being would choose this for what reason???? What’s right about this that I’m not getting??? Access is all about having questions instead of answers and I love it. You don’t even have to try to think of an answer to your questions. Just leave it up to the Universe and you’ll get your answer sometime when the time is ripe.
So I don’t anticipate that I will be spending hours at the sewing machine again but I don’t mind making a few pants for Nia dancing sisters once in a while. That’s why I leave the site up.
So keep on dancing beautiful sisters,