Pam has been dancing Nia with us at Ventura Nia Center for a year and she is very much a part of our community. She not only brings her open creative dance spirit to the dance floor, she brings us fresh flowers that she grows in her garden…. and on top of all of that she brings her great clothing designs to brighten and inspire us as we move, express and play. One by one the dancers would start wearing her designs… fun fabrics with great patterns and wonderful to move in.
I started wearing her Inner Dance clothing about 6 months ago and they fit me so well, they move so freely and most importantly for me, they make me feel fabulous, and I like that!
I wear them to dance in, to go to lunch, to dinner… out with girl friends… lounging around the house…. I love Pam’s designs.
Kate Nash

Randy Miller -I’m in love with my Pam-pants & Pam-skirts!
The light fabric allows me to find my grace. The colors, patterns, the wide legs, I see the fabric playing, moving in and away, flowing around me. I feel more playful in my dance with no concern who is watching. I feel more ‘childlike’ at home inside myself.
 I have a visual -YES! I want to move my body like that, spiraling, flowing inward and outward, connecting with myself and with others. I sense my grace, my dance, my freedom.
Thank You Pam!
Randy Miller

I love my Inner Dance pants….. I bought my first pair to wear to dance in Nia class.  That did not last long….. I wore them the very next morning to work and from work straight into my Nia class….. I love not having to change into exercise clothing before class. These pants are so yummy…… comfortable and soft. My stiff jeans have been retired to the very back corner of my closet. 
Pam’s Inner Dance pants are stylish and colorful, they appeal to and stimulate my sense of sight. They feel delightful on my skin……I love the soft, smooth and light sensations on my legs as they flow and swirl around me. I wear them everywhere… dressed up or down…..work, play, out to dinner, to the beach….. Dancing through life.  I get lots of compliments and inquiries.  I feel light, feminine and graceful when I wear them.

Thank you Pam for my new colorful and fun wardrobe, Leslie

I began wearing Inner Dance Clothing in October 2010.  Because I am in my 60’s and am full figured I had a very difficult time finding dancewear that fit my body type.  Other dancewear that I purchased either did not fit right or was so heavy and rough that I only used the pants for dancing and couldn’t wait to get out of them.  And they had limited colors!  Mainly black, brown or white.  Inner Dance Clothing pants come in a virtual rainbow of colors.  The pants make me feel wonderful!  The fabric is so soft and flowing that I never want to take them off.  And they fit!  Now I wear the pants every day even to my office! 
The tops are designed to be non-restrictive so I have found that I can dance with a greater range of motion.  And of course they complement the dance pants. 
As important as the clothing feels is the customer service that Inner Dance Clothing provides.  Any problems are resolved in a timely manner with no fuss. Fit, feel and price – that is why I recommend Inner Dance Clothing.
NIA Dancer Pat Perrine

My Inner Dancer is thrilled with the grand, swooshy, comfortablissimo pants!

I loved dancing in my new clothes.
Megan MacArthur

I love Inner Dancer clothing. Pam has a great sense of style. Her pants flow and flatter and her skirts swirl. They are so much fun to dance in and so comfortable to just be in.
I’m especially fond of her super soft modal pants. You simply can’t imagine a softer more luscious material, like wearing a cloud.
I like her styles so much that I’ve turned my mom onto her line and now she’s a Pam fan too! That’s another great thing about Pam’s clothes they can fit and flatter all shapes and sizes and she’s willing to work with each individual to make sure their pieces fit just right. It’s rare and special to find such personal service.

You are a joy to dance with and have brought so much color and beauty to our community. Thank you so much!

I truly enjoyed your presence at the classes during the Green Belt! And, your clothes move in glorious ways . . . on all the bodies who wear them!
Ken Gilbert

A new artist has emerged in Pam Free,  who designs clothes specifically for NIA, the dance art that utilizes every muscle in the body to provide a total workout, and inspires the dancers on a spiritual level.
Her designs are divinely colorful, and seem to sway in the wind as the dancers move.  It’s a joy to see almost an entire class moving in these original, brilliant outfits.
Dee Volz – our 87 year old dancing inspiration at VNC

I am in my peacock pants every time they are clean.  Comfy, beautiful and fun. Best ever fit. Thanks Pam!!!
  Charlotte Kerr Jorgensen

Dearest Pam, Yowza! My pants just came:) I can feel the love in every stitch. They are so special—and I feel special in them! I haven’t enjoyed this warm, fuzzy, squishy, cinnamon bun, I love you the best-est sensation from an article of clothing since my momma sewed for me. That’s a lot from a pair o’ britches!
Yes, I will dance in Joy in them, I will play in them, I will go to the grocery store in them—I will be Dancing Through Life in them…(and feeling special and loved)…ty…♥u
Candace Happyfeet Ingram

I can’t have enough of the PAM FREE PANTS, you don’t need to love fashion or shopping as I do, just treat yourself to feel the freedom and movement on your skin, it is wonderful!!!!!!!!!!!!  I feel blessed to have Pam in my community near by.  Thank you again Pam for all that you do, I appreciate you. 
Love Mikelle (white belt student  and dancer always)